Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Meeting with Dr. Collins

We met with Dr. Collins this afternoon. Fantastic woman. Very sweet and kind, but also I can tell she wouldn't sugarcoat things (which I appreciate). We waited for about half an hour while she went down the street to check on a patient in labor. So what did I do? Slept on the table thing they make patients sit on! There was a pillow and everything, so I figured why not?

We also set up appointments for the next three months. I go August 11th, September 8th and on October 4th I go for my next sonogram and doc appointment together. I think we will find out the baby's gender then. Yay!

I asked her about the extreme drowsiness, and there isn't anything to do but take naps and wait until it passes. Boo. But she did say I can hold off exercising until I get some energy. YAY! I mean, darn... Just like the nausea, she said it will pass and something will replace it, like headaches or stomach pains or gas. Oh yippee. I think I'll stick with the drowsiness, thanks.

I think I'll start taking pictures of my ever expanding stomach the week of or week after a doc appointment to give progress reports. Probably the week after to give me something to blog about.

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