Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Meeting with Dr. Collins

We met with Dr. Collins this afternoon. Fantastic woman. Very sweet and kind, but also I can tell she wouldn't sugarcoat things (which I appreciate). We waited for about half an hour while she went down the street to check on a patient in labor. So what did I do? Slept on the table thing they make patients sit on! There was a pillow and everything, so I figured why not?

We also set up appointments for the next three months. I go August 11th, September 8th and on October 4th I go for my next sonogram and doc appointment together. I think we will find out the baby's gender then. Yay!

I asked her about the extreme drowsiness, and there isn't anything to do but take naps and wait until it passes. Boo. But she did say I can hold off exercising until I get some energy. YAY! I mean, darn... Just like the nausea, she said it will pass and something will replace it, like headaches or stomach pains or gas. Oh yippee. I think I'll stick with the drowsiness, thanks.

I think I'll start taking pictures of my ever expanding stomach the week of or week after a doc appointment to give progress reports. Probably the week after to give me something to blog about.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Sono Picture

Dr. Collins looked at my last sonogram and wanted me to get an updated one two weeks later, just to confirm the changed due date. We went in yesterday, and sure enough, it's gonna be February 11th. I don't have a normal 28 day cycle (mine is closer to 36 day), so that makes sense why I'm two weeks behind what they originally thought. Like I said, I'm totally cool with that! I've had so many friends and family tell me that their birthday is in February, so I know our baby will not be alone in having a February birthday!

Here is the sonogram at 9ish weeks:

I've labeled what the sonographer told us - baby is upside down with the back at the top. We got to see the heart beat!! It was so cool. Just surreal. Heartbeat is good and strong still.

Nausea has gone away for the most part (yay!) but now I'm super tired and drowsy. The mornings are tough, especially at work. I feel like I'm moving in slow motion. But the smell of greasy food still makes me nauseous. Boo. I try an take a cat nap at lunch, and then a take at least an hour nap after work. And I STILL sleep about 9 hours a night.

We go back to the doctor tomorrow and meet with Dr. Collins for the first time. I will definitely give you an update on how that goes!