Monday, January 10, 2011

Manic Monday

I had a sonogram this morning and I was put on a monitor to check Aiden's heart rate. Sonogram went very well - he is looking very healthy (except he won't look at the camera! He keeps putting his hands in front of his face, hence no picture here). He is about 6 pounds and has a full head of hair!

The monitor was okay - Aiden is doing well heart and movement wise. As we listened to his heartbeat, I had to push a button every time he "wiggled". He wiggled quite a lot, which is a very good sign. The only bad thing was I had to lay on my left side the entire time, which was incredibly painful. My pelvic bones are moving and shifting so much that laying on my side feels like someone is trying to rip one of the bones out (too bad this is a normal thing). I walked funny for several hours after!

Dr. Collins put me on blood pressure medication and wants me to track my blood pressure twice a day. She has been warning me for a few months this might happen, so I wasn't surprised. I have another appointment on Wednesday to check on how the medicine is doing. She also moved my induce date from February 7th to February 3rd. She warned me that it could be as early as January 31st! It seems her reason, other than my blood pressure, is his weight. She wants him to come out at around 8 pounds or under. If he grows too fast, then we will induce earlier.

I am still week to week for working. So far, it seems like she will let me work until I start maternity leave, which is January 27th. I hope that stays that way, because I will get stir crazy fast, especially with this baby ready to pop out! :)

Nursery is almost done! My family (sans brother and sister-in-law) came up and helped build the furniture, sort and wash clothes, and organize all the gifts from my shower. I'm slowly taking inventory of everything I need (not want!) prior to his arrival. So far I think I've gotten all the big things - cradle, crib, changing table/dresser, stroller and carseat combo, highchair, pack n play, and swing. Now I need to concentrate on the small things - bottles, sheets, pacifiers, etc. Any suggestions on must haves?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Back to Blogging

All right, time for me to get back to blogging on this site. I have neglected it for far too long, but for good reasons. Around the time of my last post, a good friend of mine from high school miscarried, and then a long time neighbor gave birth some 20 weeks early and eventually lost the baby. Both shook me pretty hard, and out of consideration for them, I stopped blogging and especially posting updates on Facebook, at least for a little while. I couldn't imagine being in their position and having to hear from other women gushing about every obscene detail of their pregnancy.

But as the weeks went on, I've had more questions about Aiden and how we are doing that I think it is time to get back to updating this weekly. After talking to another good friend of mine, she convinced me updating everyone wasn't obscene (just as long as it isn't every hour!), especially when I have so many people who love us and want the best for us. So, thank you everyone who have bugged me about getting back to this!

What has happened in the meantime:
  • We chose a nursery theme! Unfortunately, it wasn't any of the pictures I originally put up! We are doing green and brown elephants - it is so super cute! But thank you for all your votes! It really helped me narrow down was I was looking for in a theme.
  • I've been officially labeled "high risk" - I have high blood pressure and have a high risk for preeclampsia. However, my doctor isn't extremely worried about it. She wants to keep an eye on both Aiden and me. I had a sonogram about a month ago that showed that Aiden is growing very well - almost too well! He was 4 and 1/2 pounds at that point! He is at least 5 pounds now, possibly more. Dr. Collins says that he will be "normal to big size", which means he won't be under 7 pounds! I get another sonogram next Monday and I will be put on monitors for about an hour to monitor his heart rate. I'll let you know how that goes. She has moved my due date from February 11th to the 7th, because of my blood pressure and his weight. I will say that I absolutely love my doctor. She is incredibly kind, but honest when it comes to both our health. I really feel she wants what it best for both Aiden and I and really takes into consideration my anxieties and expectations.
  • We started the child birthing classes yesterday. I absolutely love the Medical City of Lewisville. The staff is fabulous, the rooms are really nice and, best of all, it is 7 minutes from my house!! We mostly watched videos on childbirth (reminded me of my Marriage and Family class in college ::shudder::), but then we went on a tour of the facilities afterwards. One of the best things was the monitoring system for the babies. All babies get a sensor tag around their ankles. If the tag gets too close to an exit, elevators or stairs, the alarm sounds, the elevators shut down and staff is posted at all the exits. It made me feel really good.
  • We have received so many wonderful cards and gifts from friends from all over - thank you all so much! I will be starting my thank you cards BEFORE Aiden is born instead of after - I'm afraid they won't get done!
  • I'm feeling decent on a day to day basis. I do have some rough days, but they aren't usually back to back. I'm mostly tired and out of energy by 4-5pm, even on days off from work. I'm sleeping on my mom's awesome brown recliner - the same recliner she slept on when she was pregnant with me and my sisters (and possibly my older brother, but I can't remember)! I'm able to breathe and get a full night's rest on the recliner vs. my bed. The bed is comfy, but Aiden loves to move toward my diaphragm and lungs when I lay down.
Overall, I'm feeling excited and anxious for this all to be over. I can't wait to hold Aiden, to hear him giggle and cry, to even cuddle with him. But even though I'm excited, I'm not even close to what Dan is feeling like. He tells me every day how excited he is and how much he is looking forward to having Aiden (and having me back!).

We are working on the nursery this weekend - I will post pictures once it is all done!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


So, I've been researching designs for nurseries and Dan and I can't decide. Please help! I've set up a poll on the right hand side. Please vote for your favorites and let me know your thoughts in the comments!


Blue & Brown:

Blue & White with Tree:

Blue & Green:

Circles & Dots:

Cream & Brown:
Source: Not found

Dr. Suess:
(Note: Plan for a blue or white background, not purple)

Eric Carle:
(Note: no actual nursery found with these designs, but how cute would that be!)

Light Green & Black:

Lime Green and White:


Sock Monkey:

Monday, September 13, 2010

It's A...

...boy! We are having a boy! Aiden Daniel will be here around February 11th! Take a look at our beautiful baby!

He is growing very well (the sonographer called him a bit chubby!), but he was a little stubborn. He wouldn't move very much so we could get a better picture of him. Stubborn as a mule, just like his father! :)

Everything is going very well. He started kicking last week and barely has stopped! The doctor says he is very strong and healthy. And his momma is doing well too - I've only gained 2.5 pounds! Feeling good generally, just tired.

I will update you as the updates come! I hope to decide on a nursery theme this month.