Thursday, June 24, 2010

And Baby Makes 3!!

Guess, what? I'm pregnant!! I'm going to be a mommy!!

So here's the deal: I will update this blog as I have updates. No, I will not post when I feel nauseous, or have a craving (unless it is unique and/or wacky). Yes, I will post general updates on doc appointments, like how healthy the baby is, gender, sonogram pictures, etc. No, I will not post specifics on the appointments. Gross.

So, to start it off, the first doc appointment went very well! I love the doctor's office - they are very sweet and informative. So far we are doing everything right. We have a sonogram appointment this Thursday. If we get pictures, they will be posted.

In the meantime, please post comments - encouragement, suggestions, comments. We are going to need as much of it as we can get as new parents!!

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  1. yay!!!! :) !!! congrats!!!

  2. Congrats!!!
    Who is your OB? What hospital will you deliver? PLEASE- no home delivers, they are gross. Yes, this is coming from a surgical nurse who loves blood and guts.